UT Southwestern Medical Center Radiation Oncology

Dallas, Texas

Project Info
UT Southwestern Medical Center Radiation Oncology
Dallas, Texas
Completion Date: 2017
Square Footage: 73,000

Intended to foster well-being, enhance comfort and safety in a patient-centric care system, the design streamlines workflow, adapts to technology and change, supports sustainability, and enables treatment accuracy through advancing technologies. Additionally, the layout creates an environment of flexible spaces that accommodate the care teams with fewer walls and more shared spaces, improving productivity while facilitating focus, collaboration and organized work.

Understanding that future considerations such as the successful growth of the facility were paramount, the team considered how this facility can grow and adapt to expanded treatment options and modalities. The facility is master planned to support a 30,000 SF horizontal expansion which will allow for as many as five additional linear accelerators, associated clinical teams and growth of management and leadership staff.

Located on an elevated site offering views north to the UT Southwestern campus, the expressive architecture pays homage to the consistent academic architecture of the existing campus while blending hi-tech, comfort, technology and warmth, satisfying both academia and patient expectations alike. The user experience is accented with warm interior materials, consistent daylighting and intentional views and access to exterior gardens for all inhabitants. Patients and staff alike will find solace, collaboration and comfort seamlessly throughout the entire facility.


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