Oakridge Transit Centre Policy Statement


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Project Info
Oakridge Transit Centre Policy Statement
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Completion Date: 2015
Size: 13.8 acres

Perkins+Will developed an urban design concept that informed a policy statement for the Oakridge Transit Centre (OTC) site located near 41st and Oak street. The OTC was constructed in 1948 and has since served as a maintenance and operations base for TransLink. It currently consists of a small number of industrial and administrative buildings and a large parking area lit with overhead lighting. There are four main buildings on the site.

The process established principles and objectives relating to a range of topics, including: land use, density, height, public benefits, transportation, built form and character, sustainability and development phasing.

The resulting urban design concept captures the character of the surrounding neighbourhoods by adapting two key aspects of the local context: the curved street geometry and picturesque nature.
Heights transition from the tallest 15 storey towers at 41st Avenue, a busy arterial, to six storey buildings fronting the mid-block gardenesque park. The resulting bowl shape enhances the park space while offering exceptional mountain views to more residents.

Movement through the site for pedestrians and cyclists mitigates the lack of city street connections by introducing east-west paths. In addition, a diagonal path at the southwest corner provides a strong connection to the Oak/41st intersection—offering a more direct route to existing transit stops as well as future retail and services anticipated here. A key aspect of the proposed ped-cycle network is the multiple connections from the surrounding existing neighbourhood to the on-site park.