Workplace Strategy

Planning + Strategies offers our Corporate, Commercial and Civic clients a means to connect their business strategy and the ways in which their environments may support that strategy and meet their sustainability targets. We focus specifically on Portfolio Planning, Workplace Strategy and Transition Planning.

Portfolio Planning helps our clients to develop occupancy scenarios, address consolidations and reorganizations and provide optimization strategies.

Workplace Strategy ensures that clients achieve the highest and best return on real estate investments, approach workplace with consistency and rigor to improve cost effectiveness, improve overall performance and garner employee satisfaction.

Transition Planning provides clients with the means and the message to clarify and build excitement about upcoming workplace changes, to manage transitions thus decreasing lost time and to increase employee satisfaction.

Thriving on diversified resources, our teams demonstrate leadership in organizational, behavioral and environmental design factors to work with the country's fastest growing and most innovative organizations. We synthesize elemental design principles with data gathering, analysis and a research-driven understanding of the physical, cognitive, social and cultural issues that drive organizational success to create a comprehensive picture of how people interact with their environments. Tailored methodologies are formulated to meet the specific needs of each client; effectively connecting context with facilities strategies that promote productivity, communication and community while increasing operational efficiencies.