Workplace Consulting

Perkins+Will's Workplace Consulting team looks at the interplay between people and space which is unique in each organisation. From this understanding the team develops workplace strategies and real estate strategies which create workspaces which support and organisation’s growth and competitive advantage.

Our approach and added value is to understand and translate the synergies and influences between an organisations objectives and how it relates to its people, location and approach to business. We use established and tested tools to assess a business in order to evaluate, translate and develop a strategy that will enable the organisation to make rich strategic decisions around their vision and investments in the future.

Our services include, but are not limited to, Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Analysis, Workplace Strategy, Business Engagement and Change Management.

Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Analysis
Like a tailored suit, the perfect office space can make your organization look good, perform well, and save you money over time. We can help your organization find its fit. We assess your spatial needs and develop occupancy scenarios so that you can choose the right property for your short- and long-term goals. Services we provide include Restack Analysis, Stay/Go Analysis, Building Fit evaluation, and Portfolio Planning.

Workplace Strategy
Together with you, we create solutions that maximize your workspace and deepen employee satisfaction. We follow a unique, evidence-based approach to achieve this, collecting primary data through interviews, assessments, and visioning sessions; interpreting the findings; and then combining them with benchmarks and original research from our in-house Human Experience labs. Our services include Workplace Strategy Development, Visioning, Mobility Strategy, Design Guidelines, and Pre- and Post-Occupancy evaluations.

Business Engagement
Understanding departments, or distinct groups within organisations, how they work and their spatial requirements can be difficult. We offer group level engagement sessions and communication support individual business groups in defining their workplace needs. We offer workshop engagement sessions, town hall sessions, feedback methods and digital communications to help in engaging each part of the business.

Workplace Change Management
Workplace change can require employees to think, feel, or act differently—behaviors that can be difficult for people to adopt. We can smooth your workplace transition by providing the process and tools to create buy-in, minimize disruption, and maximize success. Services include Change Readiness Assessments, Strategy, Change Communications, Training, and Implementation.

Our long established team are experts in defining the relationship between a business, its space and the people that use it. We help in creating workplace environments that deliver not only operationally, but individually too. Operating as an integral part of the whole design process we combine considered design and planning principles with robust data gathering, analysis and a research based understanding of the physical, social, and cultural issues that lead to organisational success, to create a complete representation of how people interact with their environments.