The great array of existing buildings that define our cities, neighbourhoods and campuses adds richness and variety to our culture. We believe that preserving and reusing existing buildings offers tremendous opportunities to learn and build on the past while creating transformative places for the future. Our practice includes the preservation and rehabilitation of significant historic buildings as well as the imaginative adaptive reuse of non-historic buildings. We reinvigorate aging buildings, return former icons to glory and infuse defunct, derelict and forgotten properties with new purpose and life. We begin the process by developing a deep understanding of the character-defining features of the existing building and then develop a design approach that respects that character and integrates new programs, elements and systems.

Innovation, design expertise and sustainability are our core values. Through research and practice, we are at the forefront of innovation with ground-breaking, award-winning projects that transform communities. Our significant body of preservation and reuse projects gives us the experience and ability to rapidly address their complex technical and regulatory challenges.