Innovation Incubator: Designing into the Fabric of Culture

We are committed to helping clients find ways to be innovative and forward thinking, better positioning them for the future while maintaining focus on sustainable and best practice design solutions. 

As part of our Innovation Incubator, Jessica Stebbins (Perkins+Will Boston), Kalpana Kuttaiah (Perkins+Will Atlanta) and Oswald Mondejar (Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Boston) explored the potential for rebranding clinical uniforms worn by practitioners, care givers and staff at the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, scheduled to open late 2012. Leveraging the exploratory nature of our Innovation Incubator, the interdisciplinary team took this opportunity to rethink an overlooked and underestimated operational attribute, expanding on the normal scope of our design practice. 

Download: Designing into the Fabric of Culture  

Our Innovation Incubator program cultivates an invigorating culture of innovation by supporting small, focused explorations proposed by staff members through micro-grants of money and time. These micro-grants provide opportunities for proactive idea investigation, technical development and design collaboration. Results of these explorations further our design work and contribute to the knowledge base of our industry.