Geeti Silwal



San Francisco

+1 (415) 546-2943

Geeti Silwal is a senior urban designer/planner with more than 15 years of experience working with communities to identify issues and develop visions with an emphasis on placemaking, identity building, vibrancy, connectivity, accessibility, social justice and regeneration of the urban environment. The breadth of her experience includes regional plans, master plans, waterfront developments, urban mixed-use projects, and public realm enhancement along heavily challenged transportation-infrastructure corridors. Often faced with multi-headed client teams, she believes in urban designers playing the role both as advocates of good urban cities, and as diplomats facilitating dialogue across agencies, departments, and various stakeholder groups to reach consensus on solutions of function and inspiration. In an effort to find closed-loop, zero waste solutions that address issues of food security, water scarcity and climate change within our dense urban fabric, she has researched, published and spoken widely on the reuse of urban wastewater for urban agriculture.