Perkins+Will Receives Prestigious National Planning Firm Award

Global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will has been recognized by the American Planning Association with the 2015 National Planning Excellence Award for a Planning Firm. This award honors a planning firm that has produced distinguished work that continues to influence the professional practice of planning.

Perkins+Will employs over 1,600 professionals, including more than 80 urban planners and designers who work in offices across the globe. Its planning practitioners have designed a portfolio of more than 400 projects, including:

Chaudiere Island Master Plan in Ottawa, Canada
The Southeast Federal Center (The Yards) in Washington, DC
Mission Bay in San Francisco
The Atlanta BeltLine
The Boston Central Artery Corridor Master Plan
Blatchford Redevelopment in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Innovation Square in Gainesville, Florida
Urban Health Districts, beginning with those in Brooklyn, Baton Rouge and Tulsa

“Perkins+Will has long demonstrated how planners can solve the challenges facing our communities,” said 2015 APA Awards Jury chair W. Shedrick Coleman. “Their expertise and use of innovative practices and a commitment to stakeholder participation have proven to make a visible difference within the communities they have worked.”

Since its founding, Perkins+Will has believed in creating ideas and buildings that honor the broader goals of society. Their practice today creates places that people love, and actively improves the social, economic, environmental, and human health of cities. Interdisciplinary teams bring together expertise, deep research and innovation from across architecture, design, and planning to solve the most complex problems faced by today’s communities.

Perkins+Will invents interactive engagement tools including its award-winning Planning Game, to focus on critical decision factors by bringing together experts, leaders and the public. Each carefully structured “game” has movable, to-scale pieces representing real choices. This practical framework for hands-on stakeholder participation creates open give-and-take, introduces participants to real project data and equips them to be effective members of the planning team.

Perkins+Will maintains a commitment to serving society through its extensive pro bono program. In recent years it has included work for the Midtown Greenway Corridor in Minneapolis; Proctor Creek Stormwater Study in Atlanta; the University Hills Master Plan in Mukono, Uganda; and Piggyback Yards with Friends of the LA River (FoLAR). This Social Responsibility Initiative (SRI) devotes one percent of the firm’s yearly billable hours to support public-interest work.

“This award puts the spotlight on a planning team of urban designers and landscape architects working internationally as one practice,” said Karen Alschuler, Global Urban Design Leader for Perkins+Will. “We take on large complicated projects where others fear to tread, but where design is a driver and we remain as pioneers of urban transformation, common ground design, healthy mobility, and carbon neutral communities.”

Perkins+Will will be honored at the 2015 National Planning Awards luncheon April 20, 2015, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. The firm’s work will also be featured in the April 2015 issue of Planning magazine.

For more information about Perkin+Will’s Urban Design practice, please click here.

Read more about the National Planning Awards on the American Planning Association website.