Perkins+Will Master Plan to Transform Antalya, Turkey into Sustainable Tourism Capital

Turkish President Backed Plan Just Days Before G20 Summit in Antalya

A Perkins+Will master plan to revitalize and protect the Bogacay Creek Basin area of Antalya, Turkey—a major resort city along the Turkish Riviera—has earned the enthusiastic support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel.

The master plan, which Perkins+Will presented Tuesday in Antalya to the President and other dignitaries in advance of this week’s G20 Summit, promises to breathe new life into a 58-square-kilometer stretch of land along the Bogacay Creek basin. The goal is to make the area a prime destination for tourists and locals alike by restoring the aquatic ecosystem, creating ample public space, and enhancing the area’s natural beauty.

“We are honored to have presented our master plan to President Erdoğan and Mayor Turel, and we are thrilled that they support it,” saidDavid Green , Perkins+Will’s urban design lead for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). “The plan will boost Antalya’s economy and allow the entire city to flourish as Turkey’s sustainability tourism capital. It’s the perfect environmental and economic case study for world leaders to consider as they gather in Antalya for the G20 Summit.”

While Antalya is a major tourist destination, attracting upwards of 12.5 million visitors each year, the current design of the urban area around the Bogacay Creek basin is not conducive to public activity. A lack of pedestrian-friendly streets, poor quality public spaces, and little to no access to the waterfront inhibit tourism and foot traffic. Additionally, depending on the season, the basin is prone to both drought and flooding, creating pollution control and water quality issues.

Perkins+Will’s vision begins by restoring the creek’s hydraulic function—thereby controlling water levels to preserve and protect the urban landscape—and creates recreational areas around the waterfront, including a mixed-use marina district and a center for culture and entertainment. This promotes broader community connectivity and accessibility, allowing for continued economic growth.

“Our master plan is the key to unlocking Antalya’s potential as a beacon of sustainability, resilience, and economic vitality,” says Jo Palma, EMEA design director for Perkins+Will. “By focusing on environmentally sensitive development and much-needed flood mitigation, we will help redefine the Turkish Riviera experience. We look forward to working with local and national leaders in Turkey to see this plan come to fruition.”

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